Our Process

Some say we look at things backwards, and that’s probably true.  But, we like to think that envisioning the end first helps ensure the desired result from the beginning. Taking our cues from the IPD build methodology, and using an iterative approach, we seek efficiency and involvement of all participants through all phases of design, fabrication, and aftercare. This collaborative team approach builds upon individual expertise and the idea that the sum is greater than its parts.


Meet, inform, get to know each other

This is sort of like a first date. We get to know about you, the project’s intent, how comfortable or familiar you are with technology, and you’ll get to know about our team, the process, and the passion behind what we do. During this phase, we don’t dive too deep into the tech, rather we focus more on your goals, engaging with the entire design build team, and the expectation of the experience you want to have. The objective of this stage is to get an understanding of each person’s needs in order to kick things off in the right direction and ultimately achieve the desired result.


Develop, Plan, Coordinate

Now that we have an idea of where you want to end up, it’s time to put our finger to the tablet. We start by creating a general scope of work and budget, collaborating with the design build team, and defining a plan of action. Throughout this phase, information is continuing to be compiled and dispersed, the build process is underway, and we are synchronizing with other trades to ensure the project is progressing accordingly.


CUrate, orchestrate, oversee

It’s time to gather bids and assemble teams. Specialists are invited to the table based on what fits you, your project, the budget, and timing. This group can also include other referrals or someone you know. After the bids are submitted, we deconstruct and demystify them with you, compare and contrast what is being presented, advise on the candidates, and discuss options to produce the optimum balance of functionality, aesthetics, and budget. Once the team is in place, we facilitate effective communication in order to best manage and orchestrate the entire build process. 


Stick around, maintain, service

By this point almost every other trade has put away their tools and gone home – the project is complete. However, technology has hiccups, devices get updates, or your preferences may change. Just as cars need new brakes, trees needs pruning, and your dog needs a bath, tech requires monitoring, service, and maintenance. We know you, we know the project, we know the team. We’ve been there from the beginning and will remain on hand to help ensure your system continues to be operational, continues to fulfill its goals, and you continue to enjoy it.

Let’s work together

Keystone Home Technology guides designers, architects, builders, and homeowners through the challenging world of home technology. When technology is paired with people, lifestyle, and aesthetic design, it exponentially enhances the emotional response while occupying a space. We achieve this by curating a team of specialists to create intuitive technology, entertainment, and wellness systems for the home. Think of us as your Technology Sommelier.