is our Job

It takes a team of specialists to design and build a well-balanced home. Technology plays a vital role in this by enriching your life and providing a comfortable, safe, and functional environment. These days we are not just talking about wifi, music, tv, and shades. Advancements in energy storage, water and air filtration, EMF abatement, and lighting also improve your quality of life.  Discovering what is available and what fits, and blending these features into the design and decor of your home is no easy feat.

It can be a struggle finding a reputable company – who can you trust, are you getting fair pricing, or are they recommending the right parts. And, who will manage and oversee the work to make sure it is being done properly. Maybe your friend knows someone, one was referred by your architect, and your builder has three to choose from. But, how do you decide which company best suits you, your family, and your project?

What if there were a tech “whisperer” – a guru of sorts to guide you through the process, demystify the tech, and help you find the perfect balance between functionality, performance, aesthetics, and budget. Let us be your advocate, a part of the design and build team who has your best interest at heart, and who most of all will listen. By collaborating with you and everyone on your design team, together we can develop a scope of work and budget that fits. Our process includes help with deciphering bids, advising through the decision process and hiring of experts, and overseeing the technology portion throughout the entire build process. This ensures you get what you want and it’s done right. We also train you, your family, and your staff on how to use and enjoy your system, and we stick around to ensure that everything continues to perform for years to come. Don’t do it alone when you could have a Technology Sommelier – you deserve it!

Let’s work together

Keystone Home Technology guides designers, architects, builders, and homeowners through the challenging world of home technology. When technology is paired with people, lifestyle, and aesthetic design, it exponentially enhances the emotional response while occupying a space. We achieve this by curating a team of specialists to create intuitive technology, entertainment, and wellness systems for the home. Think of us as your Technology Sommelier.