Managing expectations


We often hear that the low voltage bid process is frustrating. There are too many options, too many sales pitches, too many line items to decipher, and just too many varieties of apples. You need information months before it’s time to commit to a low voltage crew or make decisions on the overall technology scope.  But the traditional way of doing things doesn’t allow for this to happen. This is why we believe the bid and selection process is antiquated and made more complicated than it has to be.

What if there were someone who could lead the A/V team, like a low voltage “quarterback” – a captain to provide the answers you need, who knows which parts are crucial and which are oversold, who will wrangle the specialists needed to complete the job and facilitate communication between them, you, and the other subs. Let us take on the burden and risk to help avoid change orders, compromise, and delays. 

We speak both construction and tech. We have spent years designing, pulling cables, installing gear, programming systems, and keeping them up and running. We are highly experienced with the best practices and installation techniques, and are on top of every category and how they integrate with every other system in the house. This enables us to be your best advisor, inspector, and partner. And, as your single point of contact representing you, the owner, and the overall integrity of the project, we can keep things on track and ensure you have the information you need when you need it. Don’t use the wrong tool for the job when the right one is just a phone call away – a Technology Sommelier.

Let’s work together

Keystone Home Technology guides designers, architects, builders, and homeowners through the challenging world of home technology. When technology is paired with people, lifestyle, and aesthetic design, it exponentially enhances the emotional response while occupying a space. We achieve this by curating a team of specialists to create intuitive technology, entertainment, and wellness systems for the home. Think of us as your Technology Sommelier.